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The Work of Writing Centers: Trish Roberts-Miller

We’re taking a brief break frrom our current series, The Literacy Files, to share the keynote speeches from the University Writing Center’s 30th Anniversary Celebration.

Our first speaker is Trish Roberts-Miller. Formerly Director of the University Writing Center and now
Professor Emeritus in the Department of Rhetoric and Writing at the University of Texas
at Austin, Trish fell in love with the teaching of rhetoric in UC Berkeley’s Writing Center in the
late 1970s. After getting an AB, MA, and PhD in Rhetoric from UC Berkeley, she went on
to faculty jobs in North Carolina and Missouri, before settling in at Texas in 2000. She is
the author of Speaking of Race: Constructive Conversations About an Explosive Topic,
Rhetoric and Demagoguery, Demagoguery and Democracy, Fanatical Schemes:
Proslavery Rhetoric and the Tragedy of Consensus, Deliberate Conflict: Composition
Classes and Political Spaces, Voices in the Wilderness: The Paradox of the Puritan
Public Sphere (University of Alabama Press, 1999), and various book chapters and
articles, including one published as an undergraduate about being a “tutor” in the
Berkeley Writing Center. It was both apt and the fulfillment of a dream to have the
opportunity to direct UT’s University (then Undergraduate) Writing Center from 2013 until
her retirement in 2020.

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