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Songwriting Consultations

UT Songwriter in Residence: Darden Smith

Smith graduated from UT with a Bachelor of Arts in American studies. He toured the U.S. with Stevie Nicks and Europe with Joan Baez and has released 17 critically acclaimed albums. Beyond songwriting, he has composed a symphony, scored multiple full-length dance theater works, produced a BBC2 Radio documentary, and written music for film and television. He has written a book and produced a multimedia collection that included a photography book, lyrics and essays, two albums, videos, and a suite of lithographs and drawings. Smith’s career spans 35 years and continues to grow and evolve.

“It’s an honor to be the inaugural songwriter in residence at UT Austin,” Smith said. “My years at UT expanded my horizons, made me a better writer, and most importantly, taught me how to think. The time to pursue what might have seemed to others as rather random lines of inquiry, coupled with the influence of several key teachers — including Michael Adams, Jeffrey Mieckle, Bill Stott and Bill Goetzmann — stays with me to this day. My goal is to reflect all these gifts to as many students as possible, all while elevating the appreciation of the mighty craft of songwriting.”

Darden Smith will be offering one on one 30 minute consultations with UT students during the Spring 2024 semester. To schedule, please fill out the information below: