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Our goal is to help all UT students grow as writers. After listening to suggestions from many students, we have revised our policies and procedures to make it easier for students with disabilities to get the help they need.

Extended Time Consultations

You no longer need to contact the desk to get a longer appointment. Just sign up online for two back-to-back appointments. You and your consultant will take a 15-minute break after the first 45-minute appointment. Sometimes you will need to work with 2 different consultants. If you wish to work with just one but can’t find back-to-back times, contact the front desk.

Accommodation Letters/Other Accommodations

We know the cost of testing can be a barrier to getting the kind of help you need. For this reason, we no longer require you to upload an accommodation letter from SSD just to get a longer appointment, which is our most commonly requested accommodation. If you require an accommodation other than extra time, make your appointment online at least 24 hours in advance, and contact our desk through Chat or at 512-471-6222 to discuss options. We can accommodate most requests without a letter. In cases where we need one, we accept letters from SSD, but also evidence of your 504 or IEP accommodations from high school. You may upload your letter at the bottom of this page.

Online Consultations

The UWC now offers both online and in person consultations for undergraduate students. Graduate student consultations will remain fully online.

Reduced Distraction Rooms

We offer a limited number of reduced distraction rooms in our PCL 2.330 location. If you would like to use one, please let our front desk know when you arrive. We will do our best to accommodate your request. If at any point in the semester COVID-19 guidelines suggest we should close the reduced distraction rooms, we will offer alternative quiet spaces for consultations.

Accessible Software

You are welcome to bring a laptop with your preferred software (such as Kurzweil 3000, which the SSD office offers as an accommodation). However, the computers at our PCL 2.330 location offer the full suite of OS X Accessibility tools, including:

  • A screen reader
  • Screen captions and descriptions
  • Voice dictation
  • Keyboard speed controls
  • Sound cues through screen flashes
  • OS X’s voice recognition technology

If you require additional customized services, please bring a note from your instructor that explains what kind of assistance they are comfortable with having us provide. If you have questions about how the UWC may support you, email us at

SSD Letter Upload

To upload your SSD letter, simply drag and drop it into the box below. You can use a letter for any UT class; we don’t need you to get one specifically for the UWC. You may submit your letter as a document or PDF. Thanks!