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Writing Appointments

The UWC front desk

We offer 45-minute writing appointments to undergraduate and graduate students at UT Austin (if you are in an Option 3 graduate program, find out more below). 

If this is your first time making an appointment, please read about our writing appointments and our policies below before booking your appointment.

If you need help scheduling an appointment, please chat with us.

About Writing Appointments

The UWC can help students…


From any major or department


With any writing project


At any stage in the writing process


At any point in their college career

Writers of all abilities come here to do what professional writers do: get another person’s response to their writing. Our mission is to help UT Austin students become more proficient, more versatile, and more confident in their writing abilities

The UWC can assist you at any point in the writing process, from brainstorming to final revisions. We can work with academic writing, personal statements and other non-course related projects. We use a non-directive, non-evaluative approach to writing consulting. This means we focus on having a conversation about your work and your writing goals.

Students working with consultants in the Writing Center

Our consultants are UT undergraduate and graduate students. They have been trained to help you think critically about your writing task, identify your options, and make your own decisions about your writing. If you want to work on grammar, they will help you identify the kinds of errors you make and teach you how to apply the rules of Edited Academic English.

We strive to make the UWC a supportive place for everyone to develop their writing. The training our consultants participate in is designed to develop respect for different linguistic, cultural, racial, and economic backgrounds, as well as different abilities and gender identities. We also offer a variety of accommodations to make the UWC accessible to all. If you’re a UT student, we want you to feel welcome here.

What to bring

To prepare for your appointment, please bring your prompt and any work that you have on your writing project. If you have received feedback from your instructor(s), you are welcome to bring that as well.

If you’re coming for an in-person writing appointment, you may bring your paper in whatever form you wish, including on your own computer. We also have Macs at the UWC that you can use to pull up your paper if it is saved to a cloud service.

Want to meet with a specialist?

We offer various specialties through our online booking system. For both undergrads and grads, we offer Spanish writing consultations. For undergrads, we offer health professions application essay consultations, consultations for specific engineering classes, and a designated consultant for several AFR classes. Choose one of these appointment types when booking in order to see our specialists in each area.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with a consultant specializing in a specific genre or discipline not listed on our appointment booking system, chat with us through the window above or call us at 512-471-6222.

Although our staff changes from semester to semester, we typically have specialists in:

  • APA
  • Business Writing
  • Journalism
  • Law
  • Science Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • and other areas

Additional Support

Interested in other ways the UWC can support you? Head over to our How We Help page to find out about all the services available to you at the UWC.

Writing Appointment Policies

Punctuality and Cancellations

If you are more than


minutes late, your appointments will be cancelled and will be considered a no-show.

If you no show


appointments, you will need to speak with your admin team before making more appointments.

To cancel within


hours of your appointment, you will need to contact the front desk through chat or at (512) 471-6222.

For a project due in


hours or less, we will not be able to meet with you.

Please arrive a few minutes early for your appointment so you can fill out the intake form. In many cases we will be able to book you for another appointment later in the day if you are late to your original appointment. 

Please give us as much notice as possible if you need to cancel your appointment. Cancelling at the last minute makes it difficult for other students to rebook the appointment time.

Our policy prevents us from seeing students with projects due in less than two hours, so please schedule your appointments accordingly with project deadlines in mind. We want there to be enough time to go through your paper in a relaxed, beneficial way during your appointment.

Number of appointments

Generally speaking, we’d like you to visit the UWC as often as you like.

We recommend no more than


visits per assignment for papers less than 10 pages. This limit helps you retain your independence as a writer and promotes academic integrity.

You can have no more than


appointments on the schedule at any given time. If you run into this limit, simply allow one of the appointments you have scheduled to pass before booking another.

At certain points in the semester, demand for our services outpaces supply. If you use our services more frequently than most people, we may contact you at that time to temporarily limit the number of consultations you can have. This is not meant as a punishment—we simply need to ensure that all UT students have equal access to our services.

Group work policies

You are welcome to come to the UWC with a group writing assignment. However, all authors must be present to work on each section. If you divided up the work for the project and each wrote independently, you can come in alone and work on only your section. If the entire paper was written collaboratively, all the writers need to be there to work on any part of the paper. Only one group member needs to book the actual appointment, but all need to attend.

Students who can book writing appointments

We offer writing appointments to all undergraduate students and most graduate students with the exception of Option 3 graduate students. Students need to be currently enrolled at UT Austin or enrolled in the previous semester in order to use our services.

We can work with Option 3 graduate students if their programs have set up a payment agreement with us. If you wish to use our services, please contact your Option 3 program director, who can reach out to us.

We do not work with OnRamps of UT Extension students at this time.

Online Writing Appointments

We offer online writing appointments through Google Hangouts Meet.

In order to use Google Hangouts Meet, you need to use a Gmail account. All UT students have access to a free utexas Gmail account through UTmail. If you haven’t already activated your account, you can create your account here.

You are welcome to meet with your consultant using your desktop, laptop, or smartphone. If you plan to use a smartphone, you’ll need to download the free Google Hangouts Meet app.

You will still book your appointments the same way using the link at the end of this page. When booking the appointment, the location will be “UWC Online appointment through Google Meet.”

We will send you instructions via email 10-15 minutes before your appointment about how to connect with your consultant.

If you have any questions, please use our website chat to contact us.