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The UWC offers workshops throughout the academic year on a variety of topics. Our workshops are free for all UT Austin graduate students.

If you’re not familiar with UWC workshops, please read about our workshops and policies below.  You can also find a list of  upcoming and past workshops.

If you know which workshop(s) you would like to attend, please register by clicking the link for the appropriate workshop in the Upcoming Workshops section.

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Upcoming Workshops

Writing the Literature Review

Co-Sponsored with Texas Career Engagement
Thursday, Feb. 16 3-5pm, location TBD

All academics are expected to demonstrate knowledge of the scholarly conversation around their subject—that is, the arguments and authors that have come to shape the subject and its significance. Mapping out the extant literature is also a way to create a research space for the academic to make a new and original contribution to that conversation. This workshop will review the rhetorical elements of a literature review and provide strategies for reading efficiently, taking notes, and summarizing arguments. Literature reviews vary by discipline, so writers are always encouraged to consult models from their peers and home department.

Making the Transition from Research to Writing

Co-Sponsored with Texas Career Engagement
Monday, Feb. 28 3-5pm, location TBD

Graduate students are expected to be thoroughly knowledgable about their field and subject and often “go down the rabbit hole” while doing research. While this is important and productive work, writers can get stuck and unintentionally use research as a way to delay writing. This workshop will discuss how and when to transition from research to writing and some strategies for writing while researching and will review resources for research management that should make the transition more efficient and less stressful.

 Getting Unstuck: Support for Stalled Dissertators

Wednesday, March 22nd 2-4pm, location TBD

Check back later for event description.

About Workshops

UWC graduate writing workshops are typically one- to two-hour instructional sessions led by UWC consultants and university faculty. These workshops are often interactive, and attendees are encouraged to bring in their writing and other materials for project management. Workshops are usually presented in-person, but attendance via Zoom is welcome. Recorded workshops are now available to view on our UWC Grad Services YouTube Channel. If you attend a workshop and would like to have a copy of the presentation, please email us at

Workshop Policies

If possible, please register online for workshops that you’re interested in attending. However, drop-ins for in-person workshops are also welcome. For online workshops, we require registration in advance so we can send you the information to connect to the online meeting.

Recorded Workshops

You can watch many of our workshops on the UWC Grad Services Youtube channel. We have long form workshops on topics like “Crafting a Research Story,” and the challenges of dissertation writing, as well as shorter videos on graduate-level writing strategies. See below for a few examples.