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In the 2022-2023 school year, writing center employees provided…

Success Stories


Megan Case

“Through the writing groups at the UWC, I found a community where I could discuss my writing goals and track my progress. The writing retreats were especially helpful and I was able to produce a great deal of writing during those days.”


Sierra Senzaki

“My favorite resource is the graduate writing groups, which I have both participated in and led, because they provide camaraderie, low-stakes accountability, and protected writing time.”


Karen Chilstrom

“The UWC completely changed my experience of graduate writing. The guidance and support I received allowed me to finish the dissertation much more quickly than I could have on my own.”


Caitlin McClune

“The UT writing space is a genuinely supportive, nourishing and motivating place to go if you’re feeling stuck in any way in your writing.”

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