This year the University Writing Center begins a new handouts series. We are looking back over 15 years of instructional materials and updating them. As they become available, new versions will be published here. This page will also include links to selected outside writing resources. The UWC is excited to offer these writing resources, distilled from hundreds of hours of working with students.

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The Basics

Grammar, Usage, & Punctuation






Definite and Indefinite Articles Flow Chart

Fragments and Run-On Sentences

Paragraphing: This handout is undergoing renovation and will be back online soon. We appreciate your patience. In the meantime, this link will take you to UWC Director Trish Roberts-Miller’s “Advice on Writing” page, which provides helpful information about introductions, theses, paragraphing, conclusions, etc.

Passive Voice

Prepositions: A Rough Guide

Semicolons and Em Dashes

Sentence Structure

Subject-Verb Agreement


Verb Choice

Verb Tense and Aspect

Verbs of Attribution

Verbs that Take Prepositions


Research Papers