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Extra Credit Policy

We understand that many professors want to offer incentives for their students to visit the UWC. If you choose to do so, please consider the following:

  1. Since we may not be able to accommodate every student who wishes to see us for extra credit, you may wish to specify other avenues for obtaining extra credit, such as attending office hours or a workshop on campus. Students generally appreciate having a choice.
  2. We have noticed that some students who come for extra credit are just “here for the points.” Some are disengaged during the session; some leave after only a few minutes. If you plan to offer extra credit for visits, please specify that students need to come prepared to work and stay for the full 45 minutes.
  3. Encourage your student to ask us to send you a note about the session. If you do not receive one, you can ask them to send you the copy we sent them. You may also ask us to resend the note. Send these inquiries to
  4. After consulting with various deans and heads of departments, we recommend that extra credit not exceed 1% of the final grade for the course.