Praxis Editor(s)

Praxis: A Writing Center Journal is a peer-reviewed journal staffed by two graduate student editors responsible for communicating regularly with authors, the editorial board, and UWC staff; reading, evaluating, copy-editing, and formatting submitted articles for publication; managing the Axis blog; attending writing center-based conferences to promote the journal; and organizing the Scholarly Writing and Editing Committee. Praxis publishes articles related to writing center training, consulting, labor, administration, and pedagogy. Managing editors will develop a sophisticated understanding of recent currents in writing center scholarship and contribute to those currents by publishing exciting new work in the field. Applicants should be aware that Praxis’s workload intensifies around the end of each semester as publication dates near. Praxis is the premier opportunity for students, graduate and undergraduate alike, to learn about the day-to-day processes of academic publishing.

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