Assistant Program Coordinator(s)

Assistant Program Coordinators (APCs) cultivate administrative and professional experience through their regular duties, which include consultant support, coordinating with other administrators, event planning and/or participation, developing and administering assessment surveys, contributing to the UWC Annual Report, and attending staff meetings. APCs also collaboratively head semesterly staff trainings, such as planning Orientation and Continuing Training events. Additionally, an APC can develop further, more targeted experience through chairing specific Committees. Workflow peaks occur at the starts and ends of the semester when the bulk of planning and assessment occurs respectively, with particular concentrations at the beginning of Fall semester (Orientation) and end of Spring semester (Annual Report).

APCs can gain professional experience by chairing various Committees as the UWC, including the following:

  • An APC can obtain hands-on experience in digital communications through chairing the Extended Campus Committee, which entails scheduling, manning, and reporting on virtual consultations with dual-credit high school students.
  • An APC can also gather competency in survey development and data tracking through the Professional Development Committee by monitoring milestones toward Certification.
  • An APC can gain both hiring/interviewing experience through the Recruiting and Hiring Committee and outreach and personnel management experience through heading the Committee’s subcategory, UWC Tabling.
  • An APC can gain experience with digital design and marketing by heading the Social Media Committee.
  • An APC can gain experience managing others and assessing workplace efficiency by heading the Observations Committee.
  • An APC can also gain experience mentoring and working with underrepresented UT student groups through heading the ULN Internship program.
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