Good News–CSCs are BACK!

Our popular Course Specialist Consultant Program will resume in Spring 2019–and we are hiring consultants!
Undergraduate students may apply below. The deadline to apply is December 14 by 5:00 PM.
Faculty interested in having a CSC in their class can apply for a CSC here.

Course Specialist Consultants are UWC consultants dedicated to writing flag courses across the disciplines. They attend some of their assigned course meetings, collaborate with course instructors, and offer priority scheduling to course students who seek their feedback in consultations in the UWC.

CSCs may also support the professor and students in the following ways:

  • Administer a writing inventory for the instructor
  • Lead an informal workshop to help students interpret assignments in class
  • Develop handouts, style-guides, or other writing resources
  • Create and/or deliver in-class presentations, lessons, or workshops
  • Assist with in-class peer review
  • Help an instructor explain writing assignments, expectations, and tasks at length (either in class or online)
  • Upload writing resources or advice to Canvas or Piazza (or some other class-specific Web space)
  • Collect pre-developed writing resources and distribute them in class.

We seek students from a variety of majors. To be eligible to work as a CSC, you must be able to attend training at the University Writing Center January 14-18, 2019.

If you would like to be considered, please submit a letter of interest, resume, and writing sample (5-8 pages) here:

Your application is not complete until we receive a brief recommendation (just a paragraph) from a faculty member. After you submit your other materials, you will receive an email with a link to our recommendation form. Please send it to the faculty member who has agreed to recommend you.

Undergraduate Students

In order to be hired by the UWC, undergraduates must successfully complete RHE 368C: Writing Center Internship. Admission to this spring semester course is by application only.

Applications are now being accepted through Beyond the Tower and HireUtexas (powered by Handshake). University Leadership Network students may apply through HireALonghorn. Applications will be accepted until November 3. 2019. Positions will be filled on a rolling basis, so we encourage you to apply early.

Graduate Students

We encourage qualified applicants from all disciplines to apply. We post calls for applications to Hire-a-Longhorn . To be considered for a position, please submit a cover letter, CV, and a sample of your expository writing (5-10 pages) through Hire-A-Longhorn. Please ask your advisor/supervising faculty member to send a brief reference (1-2 paragraphs) to Alice Batt

The application cycle for 2019-2020 is complete. We will re-open applications for the 2020-2021 academic year in Spring 2020.

Every spring, we also interview applicants for administrative positions. Positions we sometimes need to fill include:

Assistant Program Coordinator
Digital Communications Coordinator
Presentations Coordinator
Praxis Editor

Working as a student employee comes with certain benefits and requirements. The Office of Human Resources and the Graduate School have posted answers to frequently asked questions about insurance eligibility, minimum enrollment requirements, maximum number of semesters a graduate student can work, and other issues pertinent to working as a student. We encourage you to review this information.

Please note: Some graduate student positions may be eligible for full or partial tuition reduction. Talk to your Department about whether you qualify.

Front Desk Support

Are you interested in working at the UWC without becoming a consultant? Check Hire a Longhorn to see when we are hiring front desk staff.