We are located at PCL 2.330

On the first floor in the Learning Commons

Due in less than two hours?

Our policy prevents us from seeing students with projects due in less than two hours. We want there to be enough time to go through your paper in a relaxed, beneficial way.

Graduate Student Policies

Graduate students can schedule up to four individual consultations per month and only one 45-minute consultation per day. Exceptions to this policy (longer appointments and multiple consecutive appointments) are available only as accommodations for students with disabilities. To request this accommodation, please contact our front desk at 512-471-6222


Our goal is to help all UT students grow as writers. Our space in the PCL Learning Commons has enabled us to expand the accommodations we can offer to students with disabilities. These accommodations include extra time for consultations and Reduced Distraction Rooms for a quieter consultation.

If you require accommodations, call us at 512-471-6222. You may also request an appointment by contacting the UWC at When you call or email, please let us know what accommodations you may need.

How to Schedule

Visit our FAQ page to learn more about our services and how to prepare for your appointment.


If you would like to schedule an appointment with a consultant specializing in a specific genre or discipline (e.g., health professions applications or STEM), call us at 512-471-6222

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